Day 3: The love for Scotland

As some already know, I tend to favour Scotland over other countries when it comes to golf travel, or even travel in general. I have met so many friendly and great people, had so many great experiences both on and off the pitch, so to speak. This day just keeps the positives piling on.

But not a day without some GreenMotion. That actually means that this was my last GreenMotion encounter …. EVER. I hope for goodness sake they are not Scottish, and if they are @visitscotland or some other Scots with balls should kick them out of the country. They are nothing but bad news. Again 2 hours waiting … at least and I was told they want 1000 pounds deposit. Hell I can buy a car for that amount and sell it a couple days later. Shame on you. You are a disgrace to your amazing country. Send them to us Vikings and I tell you we will butcher them. We got a car from Interrent. Nice, quick and easy , although they were a wee bit over the car rental company, who’s name must never be mentioned, price vice.

Before the car incident we did some shopping in Edinburgh and some dreaming about shopping as well. Safe back in Dunbar we grabbed a good lunch at Graze after we first took a sneak view of Winterfield Golf course and booked a table at The Rocks Restaurant for the evening steak.

1st at Winterfield would be a real test. Approx 200 m par 3 against the wind

Great golf, course, people and a fair amount of bungling

No 6 got so cold caddying for me at Eyemouth, he decided to skip the win and stay in for the round we had booked at Dunbar Golf Club. Can’t really blame him, since he is a bit handicapped these days.

I pulled into the parking, got out and over to the pro shop. To my delight the Cackhanded Pro was working. If you have not seen Erik Anders Lang’s video from Dunbar, you are in for a treat. Great movie and Paul Reilly was the star, at least in my eyes. There is Scotland for you. We could have easily gotten of on the wrong foot, since I had screwed up my tee-time. I should have driven it down the first at 15, but thought it was 16, So I had missed it. No worries though. I got out and also got a nice something for the bag to get some heat out in the wind at (NotSo)SunnyDunny.

Paul Reilly, the PGA Pro at Dunbar, just a great Scot for you.

Paul Reilly, PGA Pro at Dunbar Golf Club

There are No mulligans in Scotland

I was off to a good start, that got even better when I invited Martin, a local lad, in and he gladly joined me for 6 holes. He also got the grateful job of acting like a model on some pics and providing caddie tips along the way.

Martin from IGL was good company part of the course

Martin Gray, International Golf Logistics

When it’s breezy, swing it easy

Martin left me at the seventh and I walked on. You never walk alone people say … I must admit I was a little bit lonely the last holes. But hey. That did not matter at all. The course was so nice, the wind so strong it made you feel alive. Play was also more than ok.

Safe back at the clubhouse I relized i had my left camera at the course. At the 10th to be on the safe side. All the way south, almost reaching the english boarder again. Well it would take a good Cackhanded drive to get down there (40 min). Speaking of which, Paul Reilly, the Cackhanded Pro, skipped his practice to drive me down to look for it. I hope that missed practice is not causing any places on his way to one or any of the Tours. He will for sure be our guy. Ruff all the way through and definitely staying on the fairways.

The 10th green at Dunbar Golf Club

As we drove down we stopped by each two, three and four ball on it’s way home. None of the balls had seen a camera, but one of them had found a towel, and even before they managed to describe it, I claimed it. He thought it was something french … I told them that black thing is Norwegian and comes from NGF themselves, then I offered them to keep it as a souvenir. No luck on that either.

On the nice house at the 10th the camera was still sitting and we went back to the clubhouse. I tried my best to buy Paul a beer, but he is a serious pro and there was no chance for that to happen. He bought me and him one though. Also Mr Greco from the (Dun)bar, could tell us the story about Greco’s close, where we were staying and that it was named after his family that used to have an Italian Ice cream shop down by the high street, next to the close opening. So that was our wee bit of History for you, shared by Chris.

We had dinner at the Rocks. Actually a really tasty Ribeye. A bit steep on the price, but it is not every day you get to travel with your Son. The Lady at the Rock told us she moved to Dunbar 4 moths ago, as her family had taken over the hotel and restaurant.

Lady at the Rocks after living in Dunbar for 4 months

I have never been to a windier place

Dinner at the Rocks, great steak, the lady running it moved here 4 moths ago and she said about the steak. Our steaks are Fab you will enjoy them. She was right. She also said that She had never been to a windier place …

Later Chris and Paul stopped by with my phone, that I forgot in the buggy while paul took me looking for my camera, which I had forgotten on the 10th … Yeeez.

#ruff_fairway @dunbargolfclub The Pebble Beach of Scotland
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