RFGS, Ruff Fairway Golf Society

Ruff Fairway Golf Society saw the day of light in 2002. ShortSwing got hooked on golf and together with his good friend Mulligan founded RF-Golf (our first website). Polter joined in immediatley to get a kick-start.

Our vision back then is the same as today; Make a little more out of the occasional round in the rough.

In recent years the presence of Marshal and Snippen has become more and more vital. They, along with Polter and ShortSwing, provide the members with Tournaments, Social happenings, Web updates and more.

We always encourage as many of us to participate on all levels or even any level.

We are proud to have Sir Henrik as our long distance pro and honorary member. That he made it on the PGA Tour this year (2010) makes it all even better.

RFGS Board:
  • ShortSwing
  • Marshal
  • Snippen
  • Mr. I

Alternate: Mulligan