Winterfield Golfclub

Type:LinksDesign:Tom Morris
Par:65Length:5142 yards
Played:25. March 2022Reveiwer:ShortSwing

The lovely town of Dunbar, a wee bit southwest of Edinburgh, holds two golf courses on the their lovely coastline. Winterfield and Dunbar Golf Course, the first being the one we played, often referred to as a true hidden gem with stunning views and a monster par3 opening hole.

The opening hole

The town council acquired 70 acres of land just outside Dunbar in 1935 and founded the municipal golf course. The first layout was quite different than what is now. The current design originates from after the war in 1946. The Links course along the shore-line next to the beautiful Belhaven beach offers a short but challenging test with stunning views.

We played the course in late march, but the condition were more than good enough for my kind of golf. The weather gods were on our side, and we had weather seldom to this part of the land. That the sun was out is no surprise, but that the sea was flat, made it really enjoyable, all though I do prefer to test my missing skills in the wind.

Darren Kilfara, sports commentator and writer

a true jekyll-and-hyde course with a bold opening par 3 by the seaside over a huge gully. some very interesting terrain which sweeps down to the sea on the five or six holes LAST HoLES WITH a mundane stretch to finish.

Did I mention the first hole … well it got the better of me. My tee shot hit the beach. Definitely not the first nor the last to do that. The next two holes are along side the sea but up on “the patio”. Before we are turning towards and around the clubhouse and down to the great 14th. Another long par 3, we already have played our way through several par 3’s over 200m. This one running along side the beach as well looking towards the Bass Rock. I also really liked the 15th hole. Actually I loved it.

Marshal looking over the 15th

The staff were friendly and welcoming, to bad we had no time to test sandwiches or pints. But there is always a next for that sort of entertainment. A true Gem, specially if you look shorten the playing time and the walking distance.

From there on it was all wind, great holes, scenery from any angle, and pretty narrow …

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