It’s in the hole … in the garage

Norway … a country with all seasons … including snow, the perfect match for Golf. Well not really, but the Ruff Members are not stranded of course, some more creative than others.

What @snickarboa fed his wife in order to get this approved is something that remains unwritten, or even unspoken about, but the fact is that he was given free imagination to convert their garage into a summer oasis perfect for putting the ball straight into the hole …

Creativity like this does not go unmarked down in history. Even though the Course architect and manager of the beautiful 2×9 hole putting course wanted to keep this a secret place, the Media managed to capture the news somehow. Did the Vikings ever go about in a silent matter? Well, as you understand, this was bound to be caught by someone (who’s beauty and commitment will not be mentioned nor revealed).

Moss Avis was quick to make an excellent article for their newspaper … both in paper and online. Vestby Avis followed up and NRK could not be any worse. Morran (The Morning) at NRK P1 called up @snickarboa for a nice interview. If the morning was shining, the afternoon had to crush them. Eftan (The Afternoon) showed up at the garage … eeh .. battlefield, or the golf course, a couple of days later for another coverage.

The secret oasis was revealed by 2 newspaper articles and 2 radio shows in less than a week. Talk about keeping a secret. Speaking of which, I will not reveal my beautiful source(s) … ever.


Article in Moss Avis
Article in Vestby Avis


Eftan NRK P1 – Part 1 & 2, live broadcasted:

Morran NRK P1 – phone interview:

Sound clips published with permission from NRK Radio.

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