The Plan

I am the man with the plan. In fact I hate plans so much, that my plan usually is to have no plan. However, when it comes to the Golf Tours …. I just love planning. It’s close to half the fun of going on the trip. To be more exact 37%, maybe 42% of the fun.

When it comes to planning a trip, a golf trip in particular. The first obstacle is to find a date that is appropriate for the majority of the golfers. This being a Father & Son trip, it was very easy finding a date that fit for half the party. With the Son attending school and being overly active playing his Hockey, it was not as easy as one would think to get it to fit for both parties. But after talking to his teachers and checking the hockey schedule I found an opening … Easter Vacation. I totally forgot to check with the rest of the family … but they took it like Ruff People on the Fairway, very good.

Next thing is …find where to travel. Which country to to conquer, so to speak, and booking the plane ticket. When it comes to the country, I am definitely biased. I tend to prefer to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, The Vikings. Get on the boat over to the British Isles and enjoy everything over there. From earlier experiences I have developed a nice love/hate relationship over there. Scotland is Love for me England is not. That being said, apart from the English (In Southport) not wanting me to do Viking stuff at night, there was a lot of positives to bing home from that trip as well. Ireland, we have tried also, and damn, I freakin’ love the Emerald Isle as well. Great golf, great people. So biased as I am, this time I went for Scotland. When it comes to finding the area, the plane ticket pretty much does that for u. The cheapest available from the best accessible airport. From what I could find, Edinburgh was the choice. I tend to use the Google Maps method. Find the airport look for a nice area from the satellite. We ended up booking an apartment in Dunbar. A little village I know nothing about.

The most exciting and also time demanding, is finding out where to play. One can use the top 100 lists, but a lot of the places are priced way over what I am willing to pay. I like it where the people play. The workers, the Vikings. But we are also looking to get the best value. Find he true Gem’s. This time I am hoping I have done so. We have picked, not the cheapest places, but feel that we have done good deals. The people spoken too seemed really friendly, so I am looking fwd to meet them. I also managed to hook up with one guy that I found on youtube. A local lad, with good experience playing lot’s of courses in the area. I presented him with my initial thoughts and he provided feedback on that.

Well found!
I’ve played 3 of these courses (not Eyemouth or Winterfield but I know friends who have). All in all you’ve chosen well.

John Croy Findlay – Edinburgh Golfer Lad

Day 1

6th on Eyemouth, one of the most spectacular holes in Great Britain

Tee off: Eyemouth Golf Club 9.30 and 15.30

Day 2

Recommended to us by European Tour Player David Drysdale

Tee off: Dunbar Golf Club 15.03

Day 3

Gullane no 3, a true traditional links gem

Tee off: Gullane Golf Club No 3 9.52 and 15.44

Day 4

Less than a year ago Lee Westwood and Son did their Father & Son on this Parkland course

Tee off: Mortonhall Golf Club 11.00

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