Schedule 2020

A lot of activities are planned and un-planned for the fabulous year of 2020. Let’s all dig in.


As always we welcome sponsors and “goodwillers”. Whether you can offer prices for tournaments or good deals for trips, or even vice versa, or even better with vice and versa, we will definitely salute you. Your brand, your golf course, your good …. will be mentioned and talked about on all our social plattforms. We also encourage all members to help us pile on the “goodwillers” or “freewillers”.

Ruff RankingAll yearWhereever
Early birdAll yearWhereever
Tour de Hammer19/3IrelandCancelledTourSeed
Soon Cup27-28/6Soon GolfbaneTournamentTechpros
Kystgolfslaget HHK
24.augSoon GKMatches
12. SeptemberHosts?Tournament
The ChampionshipSept/OctSoon GolfbaneTournament

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