Soon Cup 2019

The Swingers of RFGS loves a proper challenge. We love being bold and we love beating each other and even more beating others.

This summer we are taking on Soon Golfklubb in Soon Cup, which is played in the format of Ryder Cup. We are aiming to make this a tradition and the event will be arranged with a joint effort between Soon Golfklubb and Ruff Fairway.


When competing there is always nice to give credit to the ones that deserves it, we do also like to be treated as pro’s so food and beverages are a must. Therefore we do welcome and appreciate sponsors and goodwillers of all kind. We already have TECHPROS with us, thanks a million, and there is definitely room for more. We make sure you get credit where credit is due and visibility where we can give it. For all members, check with with people you know. Money, prices, burgers, beers … pretty much anything goes. Get in touch.


The evet will be played in a Ryder Cup fashion. We will play 27 holes each day. We need to have 8-10 players on each team.


Ruff FairwaySoon Golfklubb
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