Day 4: Golf Mecca

There is no doubt in my mind. Scotland is the Mecca of Golf. The beauty of being in Scotland is that everywhere you turn, there is a another beautiful golf course. And i you have rough day, score bad or just need some comfort, you will find it in Scotland.

The fourth day was all dedicated to golf. It was supposed to be less wind than day 2 and day 3 and the sun was supposed to shine with its presence.

Gullane No3

I woke up early by myself. Unlike the others Tours we have had where the pubs and beers tend to win you over at night, this trip was all about golf and steak, so apart from a beer in one leg and a glass of red in the other, there were no indulgence.

The drive over to Gullane from Dunbar took just below 30 minutes. No traffic at this time, or actually there was traffic, but the few cars that were out in the morning seemed to be in a hurry. These people know how to move fast. I tagged along, drove through the beautiful town of Aberlady, but there was no room for a stop. Golf was the mission. No nonsense. At Gullane It was not a problem finding parking at this hour (730 am).

Plenty of room at the Parking lot

Just by stepping out the car I relized there is a lot of golf that has been, will be and can be played here. 4 18 hole courses next to each other. 3 belonging to Gullane Golf Club and the fourth being Luffness New. I was greeted with smiles and good vibes at the reception and headed out on the course after paying my fees.

Just by walking over towards the starters box I could conclude that the conditions out here was top notch.

Passing the 18th at the Gullane No2

Out on the course I really enjoyed my own company. Although having the Son along, whom I let rest in peace … back at the apartment in Dunbar, would have been even better. Or the whole bunch from RFGS for that matter. There was no birdie golf, but I got close to breaking 80, and with the wind a wee bit breezier than it was supposed to be, I was happy with that. The highlight, besides the whole experience and the 3 deers running around your swing at 8th -9th-10th, was being 5 meters short of the green at the 7th. A certain birdie was ruined by poor putting so no Cigar, not that I would take one.

15th at Gullane No3. A par 3 that can be hit with any club in the bag, including the putter

Gullane No2

After finishing the morning round I headed back to Dunbar to pick up Junior. He was ready and waiting for some breakfast. We started with a some nice coffee then decided to do lunch at the Visitors Clubhouse at Gullane Golf Club. In the door we met the friendly starter after he had just finished his lunch, the Scottish Salad, which he warmly recommended. I went for that, and if you think that is some healthy rabbit food then you have to think again. The Scots are saving the green stuff for the golf course. The salad consistent of meat pie, french fries and tomato beans. We enjoyed lunch, which was really breakfast for both of us, before we went out for some golf.

The No2 course pretty much plays alongside No3, but is a longer and has a little different look and feel to it. There was definitely more players ad cars out to watch the #longandcrooked tee shot, which actually was straight and pretty good. I got off to a good start with and easy par, but somewhere in the middle there I sort of lost it a bit. I did enjoy the golf, the walk and the good shots. The bad shots I do not remember anymore. The Son, No6 tagged along on No2 and also played a few shots one-handed. With drives 180m in the middle of the fairway he is considering continuing to play one-handed.

No6, the one-handed bandit.

The wind had picked up a bit and over the hills it would blow my hat far away. The 17 the downhill against the wind was no fun at all. I would have been better off using the putter and roll it down. The #longandcrooked was not long at all and the wind made it even more crooked. The finish hole is sort of a pain and glory hole from tee to finish. A hook will smash any car on the left hand and the practice area is in play on the other side. For the second shot there are plenty of cars to hit on the parking lot and the starter box is also in play and with a little bit of miscalculation the ball can easily end up in the Scottish Salad in the clubhouse.

My great caddie had a quick look and saw that there was an opening in the traffic. He shouted to me, Go now. Go fast … I crushed it down and after such a long intro it was quiet boring to hit it perfect and also put the second shot on the green. There was no action, not even a bird … just a safe par.

Driving on the wrong side

Although driving at Gullane, and through Aberlady also, requires you to keep it in the middle, the general idea in Britain is to drive on the wrong side of the road. This morning when I was heading off to the course, I got in the car and was about to put the key in and relized there was no steering wheel … and this was after driving the car for a day already … L for learning applies also in the UK so I thought that part of learning and getting prepared for capturing the world, the Son should also do his proper share of driving. He did really good.

Double dinner

After getting back from the golf course we had to check out that Adriano guy. Each time he opened around five’ish the whole of Dunbar seemed to storm his place. We had to try it out. We went in and asked the guy in front of us in the question. What is up with this place, why are everybody here? He could tell us that they had take away and that it was good. Price was also good.

The popular Adriano’s

We went for Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken poppers and Haggis with dip. All deep fried and it was all ok. Nothing fancy, but the Haggis was surprisingly good and even junior thought it was eatable. We finished the last night with a nice steak at The Creel, before doing some work together in the apartment.

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