Sponsors and Goodwillers

Even though we are a non-profit Golf Society, we definitely like to put glory on those who deserves it. That certainly applies to those people, organisations, companies that makes it possible for us to provide prices on competitions, arrange awesome Tours and simply keep our website interesting by giving of themselves, or as the Swedes would say “Man måste bjuda på”. Prices, gifts, discounts, nice words, not so nice words … as you probably understand by now, we appreciate almost anything and everything.

Giving us the opportunity to test equipment or any other fun on the their Simulator with the purpose of providing film for our youtube channel.
Main sponsor for Soon Cup.
Price sponsor for Soon Cup.
Gave us some golf gloves that we can and will use as prices on one, two or more of our competitions.
Up and coming PGA Professional Marc Owenson has willingly shared his thoughts on golf in general and recommendations with regards to stay and play around Edinburgh.
Euorpeantour player David Drysdale and his Manager, Caddie and Wife Victoria has given us recommendation on course selection in the area around Edinburgh. Also willingly shares their thoughts on golf.
Price Sponsor and our main choice when analyzing our data. www.sas.com