Day 2: Spoiled drive

After a rough opening night, we really needed a nice and heavy breakfast. Marshal is a master when it comes to cooking and there was no lack of bacon, eggs, tomatoes or bread. Even plenty of juice to freshen up. Only thing missing was the coffee. The flat had Nespresso, we had bought ground coffee….

The drive from North Berwick to Dunbar was less than 30 minutes and we found ourselves getting the rentals ready for teeing off at Winterfield Golf Club. A short, but challenging links course, before entering Dunbar mainstreet. We paid the proshop a visit and shook off the worst of fun from last night, before getting ready to tee off. There was no time for warm up today either, but I hear that is the Scottish way. Being Ruff Vikings with a little bit of distinction, we like to play by the rules of our great hosts.

The Clubhouse at Winterfield makes a nice addition to the already great view

The first hole at Winterfield deserves a paragraph by itself. A massive par 3, by the shoreline, over a “valley” onto an elevated green. Luckily it only measures a little over 200 meters … 208,4 to be exact, or 228 yards. A lot of people play this is a par 4, laying up and trusting the wegde for a blind approach and a safe 1-putt. Being who we are, we went for the green. Result … Marshal ended up short right (bogie), I ended up on the beach (double). But the sun was out and there were at least 3 more chances to score on par3’s over 200 meters coming up.

Golf Monthly:
Talking of tough par 3s, then Winterfield has one of the most difficult opening holes in golf. Maybe THE most difficult..

The opening hole at Winterfield is a real test for all Golfers. If you walk off this with a par, you are off to a great start

Our golf was decent and we really enjoyed the course. All holes playing close to the sea and back nine close the beautiful Belhaven beach. It was a great morning and the 2.5 hours spent on the course was a lot better than spending them in bed. Great start of the day and sort of a warm up for whats to come … a round at Dunbar Golfclub with a local hero, Roddie Bell.

A short drive through the town and down towards the sea again. This time we had put in enough time for a refreshment at the bar at Dunbar. We met up with Roddie and enjoyed the great welcoming from the beautiful staff at the golf club. We gave Chris’ mum a proper toast as promised. Chris was supposed to be playing the match with us as well.

Playing with a member, was a great advantage. Not only did we have to behave, we were given tips on the level any caddie on the pga could give. If all members are like Roddie …. get a friend at Dunbar 🙂

The legend, the myth, the man always wearing shorts, Roddie Bell. What a great representative at a great course.

The course is just as good as I remembered it from last time, possibly better, at least the weather. The course starts off with a par5 followed up by another par5. Bogie, par was a good start. No3 gives a nice view of the clubhouse on the beach. Heading through the historical wall and the course continues south along the shoreline towards Roddie’s work place.

Roddie Bell:
Andreas is the first person I have seen put it on the beach from the seventh tee, but I have only been a member for just over 5 years….

Dunbar has to be the favourite course that I have played. Conditions are great even though we still had not hit April. Marshal definitely agreed on this as well. Best course he had ever played, and he has played some fancy courses both in US and Spain. That being said, he could be a bit blinded by the weather. Second day of flat water and beautiful sun, one could not have asked for better conditions, although I had hoped Marshal would have felt the Scottish weather they usually get here. Wind and then some wind. Heading back towards the clubhouse, the rentals from Gullane was growing on us. We started to really like them, specially the driver and wood. Marshal hit some very long and nice tee shots. On the 14th he got a good wack, but his second shot was a shot all golfers hate, the good old duff.

Roddie Bell:
I quote me dad: A good drive is wasted on you.

We really enjoyed the course, company, the sun, the no-wind … everything. Heading back towards the clubhouse facing the sunset. Just awesome. Back at the clubhouse, the whiskyes were lined up. Someone had a hole-in-one, so that was the tradition for celebrating this. Lucky for me, Marshal was driving, lucky for him it was a whisky not from the top shelf. I got his and mine …. what a great way to end the visit at #sunnydunny this time.

Back outside the flat in North Berwick, we stopped by The Auld Hoose to ask Gavin if our clubs and luggage had arrived. No sight of it, but outside the pub heading up to the flat we met a confused guy with a van. Our clubs were here. No more fat wegdes and no more new clubs. For ShortSwing that meant back to Sir Henrik’s old Titleist’s from the late 80’s. For Marshal that meant he got his putter and his lethal 50degree Gap back.

Hunger was getting present after a nice shower, however first me wanted to facetime our daugthers. That took a beer our three, or a couple of hours. We ended up with nowhere to eat, everything closed, at least everything we could see, walking up and down the streets of North Berwick. As earlier mentioned Marshal is Master Chef and I deliver proper food myself. Home-dining and a very short way to the pub afterwards. Finished the night with some pool with the lads again. Great day, great night and with our own equipment we just wanted to wake up, shake things off and get swinging again.

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