The Designated Driver

This is the true, sad and happy story about my old friend, one that I have taken care of since his birth, that left me and the search for a friend that could replace him.

When R7 came to my life

My old buddy R7, The Driver, came to me 2008. He was new-born and still quite wild. The first year I really enjoyed the time we spent together and I was able to tame him pretty well. The second year I had some doubts as he had is rebell period, but eventually we found a perfect relationship that seemed destined to last forever ….

No6 wanted No7

I struggled a long period with illness. Divers disease or The Bends if you’d like. I was in the water so much there was no time to treat my buddy R7 with some respect and nice time on the green stuff. Although It looks like I still have The Bends, my Son, No6, brought me back to life as it should be …. on the green stuff. So, yes I am grateful for him coming along, wanting to play. But when he was fishing for R7, I was close to falling apart. I knew he would take good care of my old buddy, but who would take care of me?

R7 preparing to drive Allah Akbar home.

Anyone up for adoption

I travelled over to my brother, Mulligan. He is Bro that has a garage. It’s always nice with to have a garage-brother. From there I asked R580 if he wanted to stay with me for a while. He was ok to stay with me for a while, but was very clear this was not a permanent move. I had to think fast. I am not one that open the wallet and spend a lot of money to buy a buddy.

I wrote an ad on

Junior har rappa R7 Sjåføren min, foreløpig har jeg vært i garasjen til “bror” å hentet ut en R580, bare fått testet den en gang på Simulator. Kan fungere, men kommer jeg over noen snille folk som har lyst til å omplassere en litt nyere TM, kan jeg tilby et meget godt hjem. Hjem foran Pris 😉

Junior jacket R7, My driver. I have temporarily been in my brothers garage and picked up R580, have just been able to test him once on the Simulator. Could work, but if my path crosses some nice people that has a TM newer than R580 that they would like relocate, I can offer a very nice home.
Home over Price 😉

My new buddy

It did not take long before I was contacted by a soul that felt guilty for leaving his buddy in the cold basement alone for a while. The overseas saviour would really like it if R9 would get a nice and loving home. With some pictures coming my way, the decision was easy. I would give R9 a shot. Actually I will give him many shots to be honest. As soon as I got him over I would make him my Designated Driver. The only issue was the transport. The issue was a no issue, as another friend offered to transport him over from Restaurant Sjøloftet, Brevik, where he was meeting up with the owners. Not only did R9 get to eat and spend time at the popular restaurant, he also got to spend the night, and also join the restaurant owner at their home celebrating their daughters birthday.

R9 spent the night at Restaurant Sjøloftet.
R9 was lucky enough to enjoy a Birthday party in Brevik

A big thank you goes to all the caring people out there. Bernt Håvard, for taking care of and bringing R9 to the restaurant, Heidi og Kristian for letting R9 eat and sleep at the Restaurant and join the birthday party and Morten for letting R9 get a ride from Brevik to Son and even a ferry-trip.

Happy home

The first day at home brought us straight down to the Simulator to tee off some shots. And R9 delivered straight from the start. I gave him a try without warm-up and he delivered very nice …. also happy style …

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