Day 2: The first day

Usually day 2, is the day for fixing a headache and fix all the bad shots from the day before. This time there was no golf the first day and not even a slight chance of headache the day after, as everything was closed by the time we got to our little village. However there were plenty of opportunities to fix faults from the previous day.

I walked down the pretty quiet town of Dunbar towards the bus stop. Was looking fwd to another 1 hour bus ride … Then I see more than the average amount of people in the street walking towards something else, so rather than hitting the bus I hit on a awesome looking blondie with long legs, short skirt a headset and a niiiiiice smile. My pick up line was something: “Is there a train going to the City” and yes there was. I was too modest to give out hugs though. Train was 26 minutes, cost 9 pounds almost double the bus ticket. We all know the phrase: Half the time twice the money.

In Edinburgh I met a another blonde one with headset and she directed me to the Tram … in the City of Buses. I tell you Edinburgh, and probably Scotland as a whole, have very good communication, when it comes to buses, as long as you know when and where it is going.

Tram to airport was 6 pounds, but if you get off on the stop before and walk down or take the free shuttle bus it is 1.70. Straight to the Lost and found, or should I say Lost and not found. There was no freakin’ bag and no freakin’ Mac’s. Yeeez, Go Tiger … well. I decided to take Free shuttle up and get the car I was supposed to get the day before from GreenMotion. On the way up I rang East-Lothian bus company, and they did get in a Rucksack last night … there was still hope. Scots are great people … I think. I met the same couple as the day before and was recommended not even try to argue my way to a car. Since I had to get into the City center again to get the backpack, I thought, Fuck it, let’s travel by bus/train/tram.

Blowing Cats and Hats

We got the Scottish Borders bus 253 from Dunbar to Eyemouth and met the same bus driver that I talked with at the Bus station in Edinburgh. A nice guy, but definitely not a golfer. He sold us a round ticket and we had a very nice 45 minutes bus ride to Eyemouth. Not being a golfer he did not know where the closest bus stop to the golf course was, but he stopped at one and asked a local lady. We got of and had a 10 minute walk to the course. We relized quickly that Scotland is Scotland and sometimes Scotland is even too much for the Scots. We met a father and son at the course when taking a long short cut to the clubhouse. They had switched roles, dad was caddying the Son .. opposite of what we were doing. They had to admit it was too windy today …. No kidding …. But hell, we are Vikings, we are playing.

Hat blown off, the cat flew away long time ago. It was not even a birdie

The course was excellent and we got off to a good start. A cold beer, a couple of ginger beers and two delicious Bacon rolls to go for 10 pounds altogether. What more can u ask for … It got me off to a good start. Bogey on the first (should have been a par), a par 5 played against the wind, followed by two easy pars (downwind). Then I hit some obstacles on the next two holes, but my play was steady and more than decent. Tee shots were actually so good even the caddie was happy with me. The Caddie actually tried a chip and a put, then decided it was way to cold to enjoy this and stayed in the buggy most of the time.


To England to get to Scotland

After the round we needed some heat and luckily the guy and gals at the pub served us after they had closed. The coffees where probably the best we have had. Maybe not the coffee itself, but the fact that we needed HEAT … and that fast and furious.

He followed Joann to the closed stroll to the bus stop and waited a good half hours without any bus … We considered sticking out our thumbs, but then we managed to stop a bus. Again the same driver as I had met in Edinburgh, then Dunbar and now here in Eyemouth. Last bus to Dunbar was two hours ago. Shit, shoot or black banana. How to solve this? Well we ended up jumping on that bus, tagging along down over the boarder to England, then run over to the train station and get on a train back to Scotland. I tell you, that makes perfect sense 😉

Waiting at the bus stop in Eyemouth

Well back in Dunbar, a wee bit later than scheduled, we needed to get some food. Umberto’s was one of few open places and we went for steak and Pasta. Steak was not close to Medium Rare and the Pasta was mediocre, but hot. Nice people and place though. No 6 with the dislocated shoulder and a black eye approached an English guy and the Black Agnes pub and said: You look like a “steak-man” …. We ended up chatting for a while with him. A nice fellow who used to run a Disco or two up north in Norway.

Day 2 was a good round of golf and we were already planned for day 3. Get to Edinburgh and do some shopping and pick up a car before teeing off at Dunbar.

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