Early Birdies 2019

Getting up in the morning hurts like crazy. But getting up in the morning to play golf, I tell you, that hurts like crazy too. Some stupid Ruff golfer decided that recording the earliest birdie was a great idea, what s stupid idea.

But to be honest, there is nothing much better than scoring that bird just as the sun is starting to heat up the body and those stiff ligaments. That a morning loaf for you.

The earliest birdie of 2019 and therefore the winner was Fitsen. An impressive chip in for birdie at hole 1 on Soon Golf course, at 06.44. What a bird.

Fitsen’s chip in for birdie

Creds also to the Golfprofessor, Mr. I, for shooting most birds in the morning with his 4, the earliest being 07.09 at hole 7!

Mr I02/05-07.24Soon Golfbane4Got nice a “bang” on the driver. Chip and put for Birdie.
ShortSwing14/05-07.00Soon Golfbane6The only proper golf hole today. 3 good shots, and I confidently announced the birdie in advance.
Mulligan06/06-07.51Soon Golfbane1I knew the green was wet and a bit slow, so I gave it a wack.
Mr i 09/06 9:25Mørk Golfbane2Par 3, first shot just a little short and left. Chipped in the cup from the fringe.
Mr I 12/06 7:09Soon Golfbane 7GIR and 3 meter put for birdie.
Mr I 27/06 7:45 Soon Golfbane 8Long drive, second shot GIR, 2 meter putt for birdie.
Kario01/08 8:37Soon Golfbane 3Drive to the beach. Beautiful approach and a nice put for the bird
Fitzen06/08 6:44Soon Golfbane 1Second shot, flag high right of green, bump and run into the cup for the bird
Mulligan13/08 8:36Soon Golfbane 1Tee shot rolled in and out of the bunker. Approach was short of green, but the putt from the fringe was dead on
Mulligan13/08 9:40Soon Golfbane 9Great 7 iron with 50cm backspin, left me with an easy 1m putt for the bird