LandLord is Lord of Soon GK

This weekend the battle to become the club Champion at Soon Golfklubb was on. A club the majority of our Vikings are members of. We have had some great weather the last couple weeks, and it seemed to have hit the Ruff contenders pretty hard. They probably thought they were part of Beach Boys the whole gang. Living by the sea does that to you.

All the focus the night before tee off was on the beach, or the sand. The bunkers if you’d like. So much focus that they complete forgot about the lovely Ellen that came all the way from Ireland the day before and all the players could struggle with her tail wind the day after.

After day one, we had two players in the leaderball, LandLord and Mulligan, but none of them at the top and both a few shots behind the leader. LandLord spent Saturday night focusing on his own game, and came prepared for a Sunday march towards fame and glory. He was ready, steady and just let it go. Although given a good fight the first nine, he dominated the latter part.

We can only congratulate the Lord of Soon GK. His third Championship title in a row. Impressive.

This is my Land.

IronMan put in a solid second round and placed on very good fourth place, while Mulligan placed fifth. Nice job Vikings. We also had players at 11, 12, 13, 17, 29, 30 and 34. We appreciate the effort of all the Ruff guys, that represented RFGS in proper manner.

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