– We will Ruff the Puffs

A year has gone. A year of humiliation, after being crushed by the Red team of Soon Golfklubb. They really stuffed us with waffles last time. It is time to take back the trophy. Step it up and start pissing on any opponent.

Both teams are getting their players organized after hard fought battles to earn the right to play. Last years captain, Snippen, said that there were going to be some heads rolling and shaking up before next years battle. And surprisingly the loosing captain was re-elected and has gather a pool of confident guys that will take no crap from anyone, specially not their opponents this weekend in Soon Cup, a battle fought over two days, in Ryder Cup format.

Captain Snippen:
We have done all the right steps heading into this battle. We have had mental coaches manipulating our heads, we have sharpened our swords. Winning this battle is the only option. No more waffles, we will bring out the steak

We welcome all the people of Soon to cheer the Ruff Vikings to victory. We welcome the press, the people Viken, and hell let’s welcome all of Norway to see the Waffles take a real pissing. Forget that … Let’s welcome the world to witness this great battle.

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