Success for some, pleasure for all

We are well off with the Ruff Ranking play this season. Already 10 battles has been taken, most with a winner but at least one ended tied. With 20 players, where 14 has been on the battlefield, we can already proclaim the competition a success.

Although some of the vikings have hurt them selves severely, the weather and condition of the courses have done their share of work to provide pleasure for all. Not the kind you wish you get at home … U WISH … but pure spiritual relaxation and joy.

Climbing mountains

We do have a lot of mountains in Norway. The Danish love to come here and climb them and they mange pretty good as well. It seems Mr. I himself has used that as motivation. Denmark is flat as hell, so is Mr. I’s training ground, “Matta”. Flat as a football field … hell no, flat as Denmark. And it has paid off, he has already climbed a few peaks with ease, the latest being The GreenKeeper. Rumor has it he was smoking hot with the putter ….

Double trouble brothers

Fighting off one Viking is tough, attacking two is plain stupidity …. The Launch accepted a challenge from Marshal who teamed up with his brother Snippen when we was to fighting to defend his territory against MacGastronaut. The brother fought off every try, even though Snippen got off to a slow start.

MAC’s bad back did not last 18 holes . Snippens bad shoulder started to work from hole 10.

Back trouble Mac

Marshal also stood his ground, moved up a notch or two and today defended his position in a tight political battle against Ludde.

Talking about Denmark, Himmerland

One of our newcomers, Himmerland, who we also found training on “Matta”, yeah the falt stuff. Since he was late in, he had to start at the bottom of the ranking. It took him less than an hour to challenge No6. His goal is to climb after Mr. I. And he delivered solid and won a comfortable victory againt our youngster.

Himmerland was victorious

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