Another One Bites The Dust….

When Kairo challenged Landlord for 18 holes matchplay from white tees, he knew he was the underdog. Not only do Landlord hold a 3 HCP and almost lives on Soon Golfcourse, but he also managed to put up a strong 72 stroke round yesterday.

Kairo met up 1 hour before tee time today to do a proper warm up routine for once, only to meet Landlord who was already on the range hitting perfect draws.

Even if “underdog” is defined as someone who is expected to lose, there is something with Matchplay that levels out performance and strategy becomes vital.

On hole 1, you could sense a difference in strategy from the two players. Landlord went for the driver, and hit a good strike but went a bit right but only flirting the red stakes before the ball run down the hill and stopped before it reached the fairway.

Kairo was taking a less aggressive approach, using an iron to place the ball in the middle of the fairway, around 100 meters left to the flag.

As Landlord only had 50-60 meters left to the pin, Kairo was first out and hit a good gap wedge, the ball went pin high and stopped just outside the green on the right side.

What went through Landlords mind is uncertain, but what he was about to do would set a standard for how the matchplay would evolve….

Landlord chose to go right at the pin with an wedge, even if he was standing in the hill and looking at the abyss behind the flag. He hit the ball good, too good as it hit the green and rolled past the pin and down the slope towards 2nd tee.

Landlord had to use two strokes to get back on the green and as Kairo just missed his birdie put with an inch or two, Kairo was 1 up.

Kairo continued to play steady golf and securing pars on the following holes, while Landlord was grining to get the ball in the hole as he was not able to quite find his well known draw the first 9 holes. Even if Landlord did have some remarkable saves, among others a great sand save at hole 2 which was TV-golf, Kairo was not giving away anything and with very few mistakes Kairo was up 5 after 9 holes.

Landlord was not giving up and won two holes in a row on the back nine and getting some momentum, but it was to late and at the Matchplay ended with 5&3. Winner score was 77, with a lot of unpredictable wind of course 🙂

Thank you for a good round

The Greenkeeper kept his cool

by Martin Ludvigsen

It was a tough and tight battle, when LuckyLuke and The Greenkeeper were fighting their rights on the Ruff Ranking board.

The weather had everything to offer at Soon Golf Course Saturday and even if The Greenkeeper got off to a good start, LuckyLuke kept sneaking in on him. At hole 17, they where even. A little over anxious Lucky was unlucky with his drive and had to walk off with a bogey after the ball took a dip in the pool. Par for the keeper and the match could end tied at the best, which it also did. Both guys deliver solid 79 rounds.

Mr i. with yet another scalp

13. april 2020

Another day, another match. Mr. i vs Hawken.

Soon Golf Course gave us a real challenge today. Holes 1, 2 and 3, headwind at real tough strength. But after that, it was wind in our backs all the way.Mr. i started with a drive to the next fairway and Hawken laid one in the correct fairway. Then Mr. i duffed it into the bunker. 2 bad shots in a row. But the third one was a gem. From the fairway bunker to 1,5 meters left of the pin. And since Hawken landed short on his second shot and duffed his third shot, it was 1 UP to Mr. i.

Next hole, par 5. Nice drive by Hawken. Mr. i was once again on the wrong fairway. Hawken made a GIR and PAR and evened out the score. Nice play by Hawken in this headwind!

After that it got a lot better for Mr. i. He managed to stay on the right fairways and won the three next holes.After an even hole at hole 6, it was settled on hole 7.

Mr. i won the match 4 up and two holes left to play.

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