Ruff Ranking kicked off

Like we have indicated earlier, it has been a ruff start to the season for everyone. Last night it even got worse for me, better for others. But there is nothing like being pulled down when you’re stuck high up in a three …

Mr. I did just that. He saw an opportunity to pull me down, when I had not a horse-shit excuse … He challenged me to a match to climb the latter on the Ruff Ranking system.

I really got a hunch that this was not my day, already at the first shot. A terrible tee shot, I managed to scramble back and win the hole, thanks to a couple good shots, but from there on out it was all I.

Being two down after seven, I never managed to climb back up. Congrats to Mr. I, but remember what Frankie said:

Frank Sinatra:
“The best revenge is massive success.”.

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