Ruff start to the season

This season was to start early and good. A lot thanks to our planned trip to Ireland that was taken by that freakin’ virus. But the same planned trip was also the reason for freezing our fingers off and hitting balls in January, February and March. So for some reason the trip that was spoiled also brought some good stuff along.

When Kollonna hit Norway, we were shut down. First the courses not opening, then we were also prohibited to visit our neighboring country Sweden. That being said, We have the full understanding for the officials making calls to limit the damage in Norway and world wide. Also this lead to a good thing, Random Freakin’ Golf Shots, a series we will definitely follow up with more fun, came to birth.

Last week, the courses reopened in Norway for restricted play. A decision we (or at least me) feel is the correct one. Being outside getting some exercise and be able to distance your mind from the terrible affects of that freakin’, not to say fucking, virus does a person good. The restrictions are also there to be followed and will limit the possibilities for virus spreading. Some may feel it is a shame that we can not register rounds for hcp, I say; no way. This brings out the opportunity to play some great matches.

And so we did this weekend, but first we had an opening round to see if what we had practiced on “matta” did us any good. Some, read Mr GreenJacket, Midti-Snippen delivered steady golf his first round and recorded a nice 81 in tough wind. Others (Marshal, Mr I and ShortSwing) were not as good and some even proclaimed themselves being Sunshine-golfers. And the conditions at Soon Golfbane are great being this time of the year. A lot of grass is only getting greener by the day.

Back to the matches. Mulligan and IronMan against Snippen and ShortSwing, on the paper a pretty uneven match. After two nine hole match and stroke rounds it is still indeed even, well as close to even as you can get. Snippen and ShortSwing is one ahead after recording the two rounds one over par, against Mulligan and IronMan’s two over. It seems the practice is paying off already early in the season.

Some pictures from the opening week at Soon Golf Course:

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