Plan D – When all hell breaks loose

Plan A was brilliant and very much like the same Plan A we had in 2010 and was able to pull off in 2011. In 2010 we ended up with Plan C, this time a notch down.

Ireland and Snippen …. that is just total mismatch. either Ireland does not want Snippen onboard, Maybe they are afraid he will take over the Island, set all course records or empty them from Green Jackets.

In the 2010, just some days before take off, Iceland decided to let one rip. The volcano outbreak caused all airplanes going from Norway to Ireland to be cancelled. So plan B became Plan C, which ended up being memorable tour to Sweden.

The year after it was time to get over to greenside, yet again Snippen ended up in the greenside bunker and never got out. His better half and now his promising Ruff Junior, decided it was time to see the light. Due to birth, hed had to stay home, while 5 other Ruff Riders was able to experience the Emerald Isles. There was no Plan B, C, D …. or X for that matter fir Snippen.

This year, nothing was going to stop our Title holder. Well, some bats and people always wanting to consume things normal people would do anything to avoid consuming, started the stop for Plan A for the 2020 Tour de Hammer. We were all set and hoping to last that we would be able to get to the airport, have a pint, fly over to the green stuff, have another pint and then put the ball airborne at Tee #1 Roganstown, where we had been welcomed by the ever helpful and great Ciaran Flaherty. Not to happen. #COVID-19 took us. That darn Kollonna.

Plan B, to grab a trailer and go to Sweden was also put to death relatively soon, as was Plan C, a round or two at Gamle Fredrikstad, as all golf courses was shut down in Norway. Yeez, that virus. And believe me, I am all ok with staying at home, working and interacting with my family. No worries and no complaining really, when it all came down to this. I just feel sorry for all those thousands of people that are feeling the virus so much harder and closer than me. I cross my golf clubs and golf balls for you.

Plan D ended up in a great idea to shoot RFGS .. Random Freakin’ Golf Shots. From a safe distance to people. In fact Distance Control has never been more important in the great game of golf and in the great lives of people for that matter. Keep smiling, keep distance. We present the first, of many, we hope, episode of Random Freakin’ Golf Shots

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