Ruff Ranking

We will implement Ranking play from 2020. We will launch this as soon as part of the big hcp change word wide 1. march. Our starting point will be based on the hcp ranking at this point. That means the player with the lowest rank, will start at the top of the list. However players that have not paid their dues before the first match will be put at the bottom as they enter. Ruff Ranking will carry over to the next year(s).


Rules are simple. Challenge players up to two  places above. Win the match, yes it is matchplay (9 or 18 holes) and you push the person one spot below. U loose, buy the winner a pint/coffee/soda or just give him a hug and admit he was better. This is a none handicap ranking, however if the challenged person can be persuaded into playing with hcp, that is perfectly fine. There is no room to decline challenges, however we are aware that there are challenges at home as well. I mean we need to give everyone the chance to find a spot that suits everyone.

Top 8 will compete in the Championship Matchplay towards the end of the season …. Most likely. Yet to be decided


The table is just temporarily set up based on what I think it looks like. Also I am thinking more people will enter here prior to play.

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