The Plan – at least the start of it

Finally being back, almost on track, let’s focus on the future. Being given re-birth, RFGS is eager to go on yet another Tour. These have traditionally been the memorable moments for our members. 2020 will be no different from other years, perhaps except for the dates. We are heading out the morning of the 19th and returning the 22th. Both of the fabulous month of March. A month that is known for having 14 days of rain, which is the least when you look at the monthly averages. But come rain or shine, we will whip the hell out of any creamy wave throwing themselves towards the greens at Corballis or other courses.

Ireland was a blast the last time we travelled there and we sort of promised the people on the green Island, that the Vikings would return. So let’s get our Swords together …

This plan actually started out last year, prior to any other plans of other trips. After our great father & son tour, my mind got twisted by the great people of Scotland. So Ireland became Scotland, but ended up not being anywhere in between. This resulted in no trip and all the RFGS guys had no country to conquer.

After Marshal and Snippen got their heads together, the plan is no being planned again. In fact it has come so far up the alley, that we have not only landed the country, but also the dates. We are going to take back parts of the Emerald Isles. The Isles where the grass is greener. The Isles where the girls are greater and of course the courses, or land if you’d like, are the greatest. Well, maybe apart from Scotland, but as previously stated, I am biased.

Date: 19-22/3

Budget (all approx): Plane 2000-2500, B&B 1200-1500, Play 1500-2000 (5 rounds)

Swingers: 6

Day 1

Roganstown golf course will host our opening round

We fly out with Norwegian 1030 and land around 1130. We head straight to the golf course for a well deserved snack and a pint.

Joe Murray, PGA Pro at Roganstown:
Walking the course is just the way it should be done and a Pint is a must when you are about to tee off with the lads.

After that we are going to play one round.

After the golf, we go over to our residence in Malahide/Portmarnock, a promising house, with a great owner and then head out to find some wine and dine.

Day 2

Laytown and Bettystown Golf Course will treat us with true seaside links golf.

The Vikings needs to get up. Get up to conquer some land. We have booked tee times around 9 and 14. The rounds are separated with some lunch, included the traditional mandatory pint.

Being Friday, we need to treat it as Friday. Wine, dine and hit the bars of Swords, alternatively the Night Club, who’s name can not be mentioned.

Day 3

Corballis Golf Links, Tee Off: 0900 + 0908 and 1340 + 1348

We will continue the seaside links experience at Corballis Golf links

We will not feel good at breakfast. That is, if we have some breakfast. We have not yet made that plan, but I am thinking sandwiches will be great after a couple of painkillers swallowed with some great orange juice followed by a mug or two with coffee. I am certain Marshal will bring his Take it easy mug.

We have def not conquered enough land. We have booked a round just before 9 and just before 14 … or right after. But around 9 and 14 for sure.

Since Friday was Friday and totally successful, we will repeat. Not necessary at the same locations but pretty much with the same content. This should be all fun. 

Day 4

St. Margaret might be ready for the ones that manages to get up after a todays

Someone decided that Monday is best at home with the rest of the Vikings. So we will shed our tears and take our farewells at the amazing breakfast. From there we will have a tough and rough ride home. Back to the roots. Not the roots of golf, but our roots.

However there is actually room for a couple more swings. We have not landed anything yet, but there is always a butt …

Meet with us, provide offers

If there are any Irish out there that wants us to visit them, beat them at golf, drink with them or dance with them, feel free to hook up. The Vikings are coming … and in our case there is no whether you want to or not, because these Vikings are wanted by everybody.

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