Ruff Masters 2019 – Wheeled it in

It’s been a few good or bad years since last time we managed to put together Ruff Masters. Never the less, we do have a GreenJacket that goes to Master and he has to defend with his teeth and claws.  This year we had a relative small, but also very strong field entering Soon Golf Course mid September, amongst others 2 two-times winners of Soon Golf Club.

The weather was just great. No rain, no snow and no wind … that I remember. Jacket was ready at the tee box and Snippen could just start his great trip to success. He played so well, all the others were just waiting for the break down. There was no breakdown, he was cold as steel, steady as she goes … unbeatable and the GreenJacket stays where it belongs. Other highlights were Mulligans 220 m Allah-drive straight down the fairway. LandLords Massive Longdrive and The Gastronaut’s unbelievable accuracy when competing to win the Ruler (based on Eurosport expression on Hovland’s steady-golf) 

The event was fulfilled with a great banquette at Casa Marshal. Meat grilled to perfection and some fluids that made the Master, all the prize-winners and also the ones not winning feel like a winner should feel like … dizzy.

  • Master: Snippen
  • Happy: Mulligan
  • Allah: Mulligan
  • The Dwarf: Snippen
  • PinMan: Marshal
  • SandMan: Mulligan
  • GoldenDriver: LandLord
  • GoodOldDays: Nobody
  • The Ruler: Gastronaut
  • The Caddie: Andre
  • Poltergeist: Nobody

The time has come to sharpen the clubs and fight for the green jacket. With Snippen holding on to the traditional and iconic Green Blazer for no less that 10 years, there are certainly hungry contenders when it is up for grabs this coming Saturday at Soon Golfbane. And there is room for more.


This is single stroke play. No help from anyone and for the winner none is required either. The jacket simple goes to the best and meanest warrior after 18 holes. No gimmick … or gimmies for that matter. In the Ruff spirit, there will of course be other ways of getting honoured.

We will honour Net score as well as have our traditional untraditional competitions, like Allah Akbar, Happy Gilmore. We have added a few new ones also. PolterGeist, GoldenDriver, SandMan, PinMan, GoodOldDays and TheDwarf … least, but not last, well actually last, to give credit to the one and only Viktor …. The Ruler …


We are allowing wildcards, get in touch if you feel you deserve one. For members they can use our facebook site for admission.

Miss Piggy

We will round everything off by eating parts of the sweet and tasty Miss Piggy, slow and perfectly cooked on the grill at the Terrace of Øwre Marshal.


Where: Soon Golfbane

When: 21/9-2019 1400

Registration: 18/9-2019, 23.59

Cost: 200 NOK for members, 300 NOK, that includes part of Miss Piggy and some Juice.

Results will be updated here when time has come.

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