Örebro Golf&Country Club – Mosjö review

I just had the pleasure of playing this course for the second time. And it really is a nice open park course.

Örebro Golf & Country club has 54 holes to offer. This is the second 18-hole course and is located about 15 minutes by car away from Örebro city center.

And the fact that they offer Golfhäftet prices, made me choose this course instead of the Gustavsvik course, which is about a 500m walk from the camping spot I’m currently located at.

I’ve been sick for a couple of days, and I sprained my right wrist yesterday, but hey, I just had to golf anyway even though my body was reduced.

I started of rubbish, with pain in every swing. But back nine got better. Even got in a little birdie there.

Ended on 94 strokes, which is 9 over my par. But I was so glad to see that the shank was completely gone!! Delivering my clubs to the Dormy shop, adjusting the Lie and Loft, was totally worth it!

The course itself was really well marked, distance wise. Every 25 meters had a sign in the ground. Fairways were quite impeccable and greens as well. I would say the speed was about a 9 on the stimp scale. Hazards consisted mainly of water well placed where your ball usually would land if you used the driver from tee.

Clubhouse was really nice as well. A pro-shop and a nice cafeteria was in place, and superb driving range and warm-up area.

I played alongside two Swedes who guided me along the course. Awesome people, as all golfers usually are.

Link to the course: http://www.orebrogolf.se/banor/18-hal-mosjo-.html

I highly recommend this course if you’re ever in the area.

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