Dunbar Golfclub

Type:LinksDesign:Tom Morris
Par:71Length:6597 yards
Played:16. April 2019 and 25. March 2022Reveiwer:ShortSwing

The lovely town of Dunbar, a wee bit southwest of Edinburgh, holds two golf courses on the their lovely coastline. Winterfield and Dunbar Golf Course, the latter being the one we played and the one placing constantly on the Top of the Scotland ranking of golf courses. You can find a John Daly drive west of the Town centre.

The clubhouse on for the club with a proud history dating back to 1856, is situated on the beach so to speak. Right next to the clubhouse the 18th green, the 3rd green and the frist tee, all protected by the welcoming Pro Shop. On the way there you walk next to the old stone wall that used to hold the deers in place. Then you pass the warm up area, a putting green.

The starter is not one for the people that likes to play without people watching. The Pro Shop guys have an excellent view of any mishits and hits for that matter. And if they are busy serving others, be certain that there are spectators in the dining area of the Clubhouse.

My tee shot was somewhere in between a hit and a mishit. Well, my fade turned fast to a slice in the “breeze” going directly towards me. Two par 5’s on the flat field gives a nice and easy start, before you get the overview of the third green, next to the clubhouse and the parking lot. Good I am fully insured with the car I got from Interrent, was my thought. The Tee shot was good in the wind, but it ended in the loooong greenside bunker and the two put ruined a good up & down. I am certain I would not have gotten a well deserved penny from Mr. Jackson though, as bogey is no bird.


The third hole, ‘Jacksons pennies’ has a nice story attached to it. In the 1920’s, Jackson, a successfully retired businessman, would sit behind this green awarding pennies (a fair reward in those days) to anyone he considered to have played the hole with distinction

When I first got through the gate to the other side of the fence, next to the wall I was advised to keep it low. When it’s breezy, swing it easy they say. Even though the wind hit me, I was happy to be at the beach, so to speak. But it did not last long. The wind took the Spoon over the fence and inside the Deer Park again. Thank god the five Iron worked and took me close enough to the green so I could finish a great hole with par.

From there on it was all wind, great holes, scenery from any angle, and pretty narrow …

Greens are heavily protected by bunkers, the kind we like to see on a true links championship course. Potbunkers deep enough to hide from any enemy you must have … well perhaps apart from the wind. The 7th hole is a beauty, with the old stonehouse, who’s history is unknown to me. The same goes for the 10th. Unfortunately someone decided to gather the shit inside it, in newer building serving as a toilet. On the old wall I left my camera, only to be picked later, when the great cackhanded Pro, Paul took me for a buggy ride.

The 10th green and another StoneOne I do not know the history of

I totally enjoyed my own company on this great course, not to mention the company of the locals at the clubhouse after the round. Just excellent all the way. Top Notch. David Drysdale was right

David Drysdale, EuropeanTour Pro

Dunbar is a lovely links course. It has been on the final qualifying rota for the Open championship..

In addition to being an Open Qualifying course, Dunbar has hosted the PGA Championship, Scottish PGA and Scottish Amateur. The Ladies Home Internationals and British Ladies Championships, as well as many Scottish Ladies events have been played over our links. Junior golfers are also regular visitors with Dunbar having hosted both the British Boys and Scottish Boys on numerous occasions. 

I will definitely come back to this course. It is a GEM.

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