Prematours 2019

While most most of us are patiently waiting for the Sun to do the trick on the Norwegian snow so the green stuff sees the light and turns green again, some of us don’t have time to wait. There is no time to wait until the official Tour of the season is scheduled, there is no time to wait for the snow to melt.

i’s & bees Tour 2019

First out are the “The new kids in town”. The i’s and the bees. Not sure they even were members a month before they had to pull the Here I come green shit out of the hat. Mr. i, LuckyLuke, The GreenKeeper and Ludde are travelling to Spain today to enjoy 4 days of golf at 4 different golf courses. I have never played any of them, but from the looks of it they are worth mentioning and hopefully we will receive pics, videos and reviews of the courses they play. The schedule is Lo Romero on Wednesday, Vistabella on Thursday, La Finca on Friday while they land safely at Alenda on Saturday. We have been promised live-coverage from the 18th La Isla on Wednesday. Not sure which account to follow yet, but let’s encourage them to post that on our facebook site.

Father & Son Tour 2019

Next out is the Father, the Son and their Holy belongings. They are off to play in Scotland for 3,5 days in April. Somewhat impressive 7 rounds of golf are being scheduled. The plan is being defined these days and updates will follow. Eyemouth and Gullane No 3 seems like certain choices. Other places being considered are the other Gullane courses, Winterfield, Kilspindie and Braid Hills. Even a Parkland course might be interesting to have on the menu, in case there is a sudden need to hide a bit from the wind.

Missing Reports

Although it seems a bit selfish to go on a trip by themselves, there are rumours that even more of the members here have had their own small private arrangements and even worse, not reported about them. All reports are good reports guys…. It seems that also the LandLord is heading to the green stuff this weekend when he is hooking up with a friend … The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain ….

Please bare in mind we are looking for a trip somewhere in September. Ireland is leading the race, while Scotland seems the runner-up so far. Poland has been mentioned and so has Latvia and Spain. Swedish chicks will always keep Sweden as an alternative.

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