Tjörns GK

On the west coast of sweden, a little north of Gothenborg and a little west from the nightlife of Stenungssund, you can locate the beautiful Island of Tjörn. An Island well visited summertime. The Island can also offer you some good golfing on the Treelined parkland course Tjörns GK.

Played: Played 19th April 2010
Reviewer: ShortSwing

Par: 69
Length: 5226
Design: Jan Sederholm
Green Fees: 290 – 350 SEK

Description: Parkland and Woods


The course is fairly new and the first nine holes saw the daylight around the same time that Denmark beat Germany in the European Football Championship. The final was played in Gothenborg in 1992. Eight years later the made 2000 a memrable year as they relized their dream of having a full 18 hole course.

The athomsphere in the club and on the course were appealing. The staff and cheif executives welcomed us in the best manner one could possibly want. Not only were we treated with a nice breakfast, we were also welcomed to park our trailer on the golfcourse and use their power supply. But the most memroable moment for me, was the nice hug I got from the beatuiful girl in the pro shop.

The course starts out with a little bit boring first hole, where the biggest challenge was to concur the fair of making a fool out of my self when teeing off. Set on open terrain with the clubhouse, driving range and practice area overlooking the tee, one could easily feel the pressure piling on. After the opening hole the course really offers a great variety of terrain and obstacles. Water is in play several places and it gets quite hilly. The course is well protected from the winds on the coastline, which made our day not only sunny, but pretty hot for being April in a land previously full vikings.

There are a couple of blind holes as well as some where the differnece og altitude comes in to play. I found the course very likeable, and even more so the second round. Although I must admit the 3rd “half-round” was most fun, with sparkling “water” and photo-shoots.


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