Scotland 2007

After having tried England, the decision was easy choosing the destination for the next Tour. Back to the roots, or at least the Scottish people would get their roots back, if only for a few days, but a few good days. Plane as usual from the port of Torp. Since The Miller House was still a bit of a mess from 2 years back, we decided to go for an alternativ. A little more central and on the other side of the bars and clubs. I have no recollection of the name of the place or if it was as nice as the Miller House. Knowing us and the Scotchmen … it was nice as ever. 

After landing, Voltaren and ShortSwing was eager to get some of the Jetlag out the body and headed over to Dalmilling, a golf course we have never tried before, and probably will never try again. Not because it was terrible, but just because the other choices near by are so much better. However we did have a great round, met a local thirsty guy on the course and left ShortSwing’s golf shoes on the street while getting in the Taxi to save us from the cats that decided to fly down from above. It was pouring down … speaking of which, when we came back, the other guys had done their share of pouring as well.

The first night out is usually a great one, so was this one. We followed previous years plans, although the disappointment was huge, when we found out Ashley was no longer working at the nice restaurant we went to 2 years ago. It certainly did not help that the food was awful. Something had happened to this place, and we had to find alternatives. So we did 🙂

Lochgreen and Darley was up for a beating the next day. It is quite nice and unique to have 3 courses starting from the same football field. The clubhouse at Troon Muni is quite nice and we got off to a very good start. A long but great day at the golf course was rounded off with dinner and a little spin to see who was out on town. We did not hope or wish for the guy that insisted on joining HebbeLille and ShortSwing in the taxi and have a “nach” at the mansion. He was so hard to get rid of that we almost had to bring out the Viking in us. Lucky for him … .we did not … and got home without wanker.

Belleisle and Seafield was nice and friendly as usual and we enjoyed the day to the fullest. A bit tired and a bit worn down from the day before, it was a nice and halfway quiet evening in Ayr.

Girvan showed us why golf in Scotland is different from playing with the snobs in Spain … Come rain or shine … we had the both. Throw in some flying cats, not from above this time. It was blowing cats. The fact that the starting 8 holes are unprotected, right next to sea did not help at all. Remember we had a par 3, 180 m (or was it yards), the wind can straight against us and both HebbeLille and ShortSwing went for the driver. We were actually close … but no cigar and no distance. The mother of a ball stopped in the wind. The 8th then was position almost the same angle, but giving us the blowing cats, or hats, a a little more from the right. Since the hole was approx 6m longer, we went for the same club. Both of us managed to hit a draw (and people that have seen us play, no that it happens very seldom). The ball flew, like a Concorde over the green, slowed down a little bit when it passed the cars on the road to the clubhouse, and knocked on the door on the house on the other side. Some 50 meters too long ….. Yeez, and one would think that seing one golfer do this would result in the other player considering switching weapons. But no. Same procedure James …  The rounds where grat at a course i would love to go back to at some point. The atmosphere at the clubhouse was very local and very friendly, not to talk about the pints … they were certainly also friendly and likeable.

Another one was rounded off and concluded to be a success.

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