Scotland 2005

18 Vikings met at the port of Torp, right outside Sandefjord. Their road there was different for most, but it was a peaceful journey, although The Marshal actually stopped on the way to Test if his Big Club worked on some random balls. Roumors says that the balls where cursed, but there was room for improvement … if that was tuning of the Big Club, or the massive swinging from the marshal that was up for tuning remains unspoken.

The Vikings had a gathering at Torp and it was a cheerful gang of warriors that raised their beer mugs several times. Let’s concur the world again, well at least Scotland and the area around Ayr, where our ancestors already owned most of the land, according to The Hope.

We left the port, on the ship Ryanair, after having some issues passing the security gate with the film camera on. And the camera continued to give us trouble onboard the ship.

Please turn of the Camera, you are not allowed to film the Crew, where as Marshal turns around, with the Camera and said: Can you repeat that to the camera please …..

….. some 30 minutes later, when Marshal was handed a beer from the same dude and he tried to open it, it squirted all over him, his neighbouring warriors and all the way to Lambi, 4 rows ahead of him. THAT is what you call revenge … and the there was not even a sorry, nor a new beer, from the dude, he just haded Marshal napkin.

Well we got there all in one piece spread out evenly in taxi’s and headed over to our Mansion, The Miller House. John at the house had stacked his garage full of beer for us, and it was no surprise those where Miller. This was off to a great start.

Our first full day was terrible for many, at least in the morning, but after some nice english breakfast, some painkillers the herd of Vikings where gathered at Troon to concur the mighty meters of Lochgreen. First to tee off, was of course The Pro. And there was no joke that the rest of us where very curious if he still had it in him. I tell you, he had , and the drive out of Lochgreen, was the start of his comeback to the Tour’s and this time i was to qualify for the PGA Tour. He just needed to get some snookering done with the local of Ayr first.

After Lochgreen we had a nice lunch with viking fluid in the Clubhouse of the Troon Municipal Courses (Lochgreen, Darley and Fullarton). With stomach’s full and dizzy heads we went to crush Darley, but the battlefield was so challenging that we feel none of us really won this battle.

Back at the Mansion we were getting ready for some nice food and warmed up to the tunes of 50 cent and Take me to the Candyshop … this was the Candyshop tour for sure. We ended up in a very nice restaurant with very good food and the best looking and fastet talking waitress we could get. Ashley was real Gem that several of the Vikings considered bringing home as Wife material. One even asked her, what would it take for you come back to Norway with me.

You got to take me to the Candyshop was her prompt and great reply.

The night was capped off at the Miller Residence, where Bengan fell asleep in The Pro’s travel case to the well known tones of 50 Cent, while The Hope had plenty of cents as he threw is Motorola half way over the carpark to check it’s capacity, only to find out it could not really take the fall from 3 meter to concrete (what a surprise) .

Hey … where is the SIM-card, somebody help find the Sim and the battery. That said, I actually think he managed to call home the day after ….

Belleisle and Seafield was ready to host us the next day. We started out on the shorter, but still quite challenging Seafield course. The memorable’s from this course was when the Carpenter decided to sink his putt naked, and when the kids decided to sit down next to the Fairway 50 meters away from our Tee off, in the Semi ruff. That was a mentally ruff experience for all of us. Seafield was followed by a nice lunch and beer at the clubhouse before heading out on the beautiful parkland course of Belleisle. When getting back close to the clubhouse,  The Carpenter was hungry and left to pick up some sandwiches for all of us, well the once that were still playing. A couple had left for refreshment never to return. The Carpenter returned with a nice Ham Cheese sandwich for himself and treated HebbeLille and ShortWing with Haggis sandwich that was only possible to get down with some whisky. Finally we understood the purpose of a good (or bad)v whisky. Also … the smokier, the less we were affected by the taste of a Haggis sandwich.

We ended up eating at some Indian place and were joined by The Pro’s local friends. Ole Donald also shared a secret that again was shared with everyone on the trip, but we will not share with the whole wide world. Most of the gang ended up on the same club as the night before, this time they could offer dancing to much of the delight of the Vikings. A couple of the other Vikings joined a Canadian and Swedish beauty for some dancing at another club.

This night, I actually think Bengan fell asleep staring up waiting for someone with the keys to the apartment.

New breakfast and new round at Belleisle and Seafield was rounded off with Ashely and huge banquet. An night remember or forget. This time Bengan was not the one to fall asleep waiting for the key. Instead he fell asleep having locked his room and left Ole Donald outside. Snippen also managed to fall asleep outside his room. Could have been because he had an extra set of stairs to climb.

A great trip was rounded off with a terrible flight home. Not only because our heads where heavier than the bags we carried, but also because we could not land at the port we left, Torp, and had to go Oslo instead.

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